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Come to the Volunteer Meeting This Thursday, 12th July

We're at an interesting time. Please come and help map out the next stage. Have your say about whether we slow down or keep growing. Help draw the boundaries! 7.00 - 8.30 pm, Thursday 12th July The University at Frankwell, then onto the pub.

We've been growing very fast. We collect from 11 stores, 2 more coming. We have more than 50 volunteers. We're taking on new supermarkets to make sure we can get access to fruit and veg as stores get better at not wasting. But this also means we get more bread, longer routes and longer volunteering sessions. Need for food is increasing as the benefit cuts bite. We're working on new ways to get food out like community fridges and we need to recruit more groups. There's an opportunity to become a training centre for food hubs and community food surplus and help other areas access surplus for their communities,

The meeting will kick off with an update from Katy and then structured discussion around:

- supply and demand over the summer

- where we want to be in a year, and in three years

- recap: our role and growth - the boundaries


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