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Food Portions Tips
  • One portion of rice is 75g: Pour it into a cup or container that it fits into perfectly so you can use that as a measure next time.
  • A portion of spaghetti = 60g: This portion fits in the top of a wine/beer bottle and covers a £1 coin.
  • One portion of penne = 100g: An adult portion of pasta (penne, fusilli) should be 100g – but for those that don’t want to weigh it out – It should almost fill a medium-sized mug (10oz).
  • Stick to your shopping list: Go food shopping armed with a list and be strict about sticking to it!
  • Plan your meals: Make a plan for the week and stick to the plan – just adding the ingredients you don’t already have.
  • Use what you already have: Check what you already have and pledge to use stuff up in at least 2 meals this week.
Food Wastage Tips
  • Remnants of your pickle or sauce jar: Why not make a dressing in a pickle or a sauce jar to make the most of the last remnants?
  • Turn your stale bread to bread and butter: Slice and butter and add milk, eggs cinnamon and raisins for the best pudding ever – bread and butter.
  • Make crostini from your stale bread: Sprinkle with oil and salt and pop in the oven on a low heat until crunchy.
  • Stale bread to breadcrumbs: Break up into chunks and put in a blender – toast lightly then use as topping or label and freeze.
  • Fakeaway challenge: try a takeaway challenge on a weekend to save money and get food used up!
  • Unused salad to pesto: Whizz up your unused salad in a blender with some olive oil, garlic, nuts, and a bit of parmesan to create a pesto for a quick pasta supper, or use it as a dip.
  • Take a shelfie: Take a shelfie of your cupboards and fridge before you go shopping - so when you get tempted in the shop, you can remind yourself why you don't need to buy extra stuff!
Food Storage Tips
  • Food in dark places: Store your potatoes and onions in a dark cool place.
  • Store your bananas separately: Bananas will ripen other fruit so store them separately.
  • Seal your bread: Keep your bread sealed and in a breadbin to make it last longer.
  • Take no notice of “display until' or 'sell by” dates: These are just for the supermarket.
  • Best-before dates are all about quality: It has nothing to do with safety.
  • Don't ignore use-by dates: These need to be stored in a fridge; if you aren't going to get round to eating it before the date, pop it in the freezer for later on.
Fridge Tips
  • Pickles and sauces in the door: Store your pickles and sauces in the fridge door – as this is the warmest part.
  • Store your salad and veg in your fridge drawers: The draws in your fridge control the humidity, so great for storing salad and veg.
  • Store your dairy and meat on the middle shelf: The coldest part of the fridge is the middle shelves so store your dairy and meat there – including milk!
  • Check your fridge temperature: Get a fridge thermometer to check the temperature is between 1-5 degrees.
  • Kitchen roll keeps food fresher for longer: Kitchen roll in your salad drawer is a great tip for keeping food fresher for longer.
Frozen Tips
  • Your freezer is your best friend: When it comes to avoiding food waste! You can freeze almost anything!
  • Avoid UFOs (Unidentified Frozen Objects): Avoid these by simply labelling your food when it goes in.