For food emergency support, visit Shropshire Larder

Our volunteers grew
to collect surplus food

By the end of 2016, a group of 6 volunteers were collecting from M&S and delivering to 5 local community groups.

Collecting chilled and frozen food

In 2018 we started collecting chilled and frozen food for the first time. The supply of chilled and frozen food increased the nutritional value of our offering, and the carbon reduction impact as it has more embedded carbon than fruit, veg and bread.

Since then, we have septupled the amount of chilled and frozen food we redistribute – from 5 tonnes in 2018 to 35 tonnes!

Growing and expanding

Today, 140+ amazing volunteers collect food daily from 30+ suppliers including local supermarkets, manufacturers and farms and share it with 60+ community groups who support the homeless, the old, the vulnerable and those on low incomes.

We prevent good food going to waste

In 2022/23 we rescued 217 tonnes of good food from the bin – that’s enough for over 500,000 meals!

A small charity making a big impact on people and planet

Today, we continue to work with community groups, corporate & business partners, and charities, to reduce food waste and make a positive impact. We collect food daily from supermarkets and other local suppliers, but we couldn’t do it without our volunteers, a small team of paid staff, and those that support us.

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For food emergency support, visit Shropshire Larder