For food emergency support, visit Shropshire Larder

Our volunteers go the extra mile

Our volunteers hit the road early to collect surplus food before heading back to the depot. Once received, another team will begin to sort the food to be shared with local charities, schools and other community groups including popular Foodshare tables where everyone is welcome.

Shrewsbury Food Hub Delivery Van

Providing support and surplus food to many community groups

We support 60+ community groups including charities that support the homeless, mental health charities, schools, youth clubs and day centres for the elderly. We also support 15 community foodshares across Shrewsbury town.

“The food provided by the Food Hub has made such a difference to our pupils’ readiness for learning in the classroom, as many come to school not having had breakfast.”

“I come to the Foodshare because I hate waste, it’s very social and helps the budget, especially with the cost of living at the moment. There’s a variety of stuff, not just the basics and it introduces me to new foods.”

Food for environmental and social good

The food we collect is shared with over 60 local charities and groups that support our community.


756 tonnes food rescued


2,079 tonnes greenhouse gases mitigated


Enough food for 1,809,383 meals

In 2022/23, our amazing volunteers…

  • Rescued 217 tonnes of surplus food from being wasted
  • Shared enough food for over 500,000 meals
  • Saved enough CO2 equivalent to driving 87 times around the world
  • Supported 60 community groups and Foodshares

The impact of supporting groups with surplus food

The surplus food we collect from suppliers supports incredible organisations and groups that nourish our community. This includes charities supporting the homeless, the old, the vulnerable and those on low incomes. We save them money and freeing up their budget means they can do more.

Our food also supports community Foodshares and fridges where everyone is welcome to collect a few bags of food to help stop food waste and stretch household budgets.