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A successful event bringing the Shrewsbury Community together to increase #FoodWaste awareness!

Picture the scene; it’s a glorious sunny Sunday morning and by Shrewsbury’s English Bridge there’s a sea of bright yellow high viz each sporting the legend “Shrewsbury Food Hub”. This is the day of the walk, a 6 kilometer, 6 bridge course designed by Michael Carding. Sadly, Michael had been diagnosed with the dreaded Covid so Sharon had bravely stepped in and done a great job of coordinating the event. It was a circular route so there was a table manned by volunteers and staff where walkers could sign in and announce their return. There was also a stand for providing information and raising awareness about the Food Hub. Walkers were also encouraged to help themselves to sustaining food for the trek !

What a success it was! Nearly 200 people did the walk as did an undisclosed number of dogs and young children in buggies-the route was a flat one with optional steps and no obstacles! Over £1,000 was raised plus another £50 from a group of scouts who did the walk a few days later.

Walk Against Waste | Shrewsbury Food Hub

It was a very convivial occasion-after all, dog owners are a particularly friendly group and many stood around and chatted. Lots of local, regular Shrewsbury walkers commented: “I have just seen views of the town and the river bank which were new to me”! Many passers-by stopped at the info table and were very receptive to information about the charity. It would be great if some of them became volunteers.

The spirit of volunteering was evident through the day; many volunteers arrived early and stayed on beyond the end of their shift, giving some of us the chance to meet some faces new to us.

Walk Against Waste | Shrewsbury Food Waste


Several local coffee stops benefitted by offering ‘respite’ and hopefully walkers clutching their colourful maps were able to spread awareness of the Food Hub and its aims.

It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday and it can only be judged a huge success for this most excellent charity.
Andrew Petch