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Shrewsbury Food Hub is asking for help after thieves stole the catalytic converter from its food delivery van on Thursday causing misery for local charities, community groups and schools that rely on the surplus food it provides.

The van, which was donated by Salopian Lodge of Charity 117 in 2020, is affectionately named ‘Ronnie’ by Hub volunteers who use it daily to rescue tonnes of surplus food and deliver it to local groups who can use it.

Catalytic converters contain valuable metals and are increasingly being stolen and sold for scrap according to the police, and this is the second time that Ronnie has been targeted.

Hub manager Tammy Bloodworth said: “The thieves never gave a second thought to the consequence of their actions. The impact on us and our community has been tremendous. At the end of the day, everyone suffers. We have insurance, but we will have to find the money to pay the excess and our premiums will go up.

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“I don’t understand how anyone could have done this. They can see from the branding on our van that we are a food charity. With the cost-of-living crisis hitting hard, we are working flat out to support our community. This is the last thing anyone needed.

“Thanks to our amazing volunteers and supporters, we have managed to muddle through our collections and deliveries over the last few days. Bayfield Vehicle Hire has also kindly offered us a van at a reduced price until we can get Ronnie back on the road, which will make things a lot easier.”

The Food Hub is appealing for anyone who has information to contact the police. They are also keen to find a safe base near their Battlefield depot to store the van when it is not in use.

If you have any information about the theft or if you can offer secure parking so the van is not targeted again, contact Tammy on 07939 999619 or email [email protected].