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In early 2023, the Food Hub piloted a Taste with No Waste campaign focusing on tackling the amount of food wasted in the home. The campaign brought families together to talk about the value of food, how to reduce food waste, and ways to use up leftovers.

A staggering one-third of the food produced globally ends up in the bin. It is a pervasive problem. The Hub does a great job at mopping up surplus food from local producers and in retail that would otherwise go to waste. But 70% of food waste happens in the home – in our fridges, fruit bowls and bread bins. Check out this explainer video about where food waste is generated Video – Food Waste in the UK

Since the campaign launch, over 1,000 families have taken part in the Taste with No Waste Challenge. All challenge participants received a series of tips and tricks from local chef Steve The Hungry Guy. Through final questionnaires and feedback, we know that even those families who started with hardly any food waste learnt some great tips for wasting even less food and saving money. The average saving was £4.30 a week – that’s over £200 a year! And on average, people reported a 44% reduction in food waste. A-MA-ZING!

Everyone who signed up for the challenge was entered into a draw to win a private dinner cooked by Steve – the winners are pictured here. Steve had a wonderful evening cooking for them and they loved the food!


Support from funders, local media and our Taste with No Waste team who attended events and gave talks to local groups contributed to our success. It’s not too late to join the Taste with No Waste Challenge to help you and your family waste less food and save more money. Take the challenge here. You can also share the challenge with your family and friends!

Looking ahead, the Hub continues to work with Steve and other local food businesses to help reduce food waste – one bite at a time. Lots planned for 2024, so watch this space!