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No. 1 – Marrows make great chutney base!

Pretty much any veg as well as marrows work well.  You can add some apple, pear or any other fruit if you like.  Chop everything up small (5-10mm ish) or whizz in a food processor.  Add vinegar and sugar (dried fruit if you’ve got it) and cook down for an hour or so until you get a chutney consistency. Adjust the vinegar/sugar balance by giving it a good taste!  Store in jars or an air tight container in the fridge.

No. 2 – Steve’s mean marrow dip

Roast the marrow in big chunks for about an hour (olive oil, chopped garlic and salt) at 180c.  No need to peal, but you can if you want to!  Drain the excess liquid off and blend with lemon juice, yoghurt and herbs (mint and dill work well).  Perfect with fresh or toasted bread, vegetable sticks or your favourite crisps!

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