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Vision, Mission and Values 2022

Our team of trustees, staff and volunteers shaped our vision for a post COVID Future and this was adopted by the Board on 22nd February 2022..

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is a community where food is valued and not wasted.

Our mission is to redistribute surplus food and to reduce food waste in Shropshire for environmental and social good.

Our Values

PASSION - We believe strongly in the work that we do in reducing waste as it protects the environment and supports our community with good food.

ACCOUNTABILITY - We are responsible for our actions in reducing waste and hold ourselves accountable to our partners.

INCLUSIVENESS - We respect, support and value individual needs and contributions.

INTEGRITY - We are honest and transparent and in the way we work (which inspires trust) with our partners and the public.

CARING - We work with care and kindness in everything we do.

RESILIENCE - We are a collaborative and resourceful team adapting to change, challenge and crisis.

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