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#viralkindness - supporting our community

With coronavirus at our door and the possibility that many vulnerable people may need to self-isolate, there are some great ways providing practical help and support. Here are our top three ways to help, so far - let us know what we've missed:

Drop a postcard round your neighbours offering to help, and before we get into lockdown, take the time to have a chat? Read about this great idea from Becky Hass in Cornwall here.

Set up a what's app group with your neighbours, so you can keep in touch and respond to need. Wash your hands and pop round to get elderly people to download the system if they have a smart phone. Or if that's too complicated, agree a way of communicating - maybe a an agreed time to come and check through the window.

Sign up with the Red Cross as a community reserve volunteer for emergency situations.

#checkyoureighbour #hublove

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