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Funding for a chiller van!

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

We’ve recently been granted funding from The Sun Reader fund to get a chiller van! Max, a videographer from the newspaper, came along to capture the difference the Food Hub makes and how it will help us get more super-nutritious food for our community. Please take a moment to watch the video below.

For the last couple of years our trained volunteers have been safely collecting surplus frozen food in their own vehicles using insulated boxes. This is unsold food from supermarkets and local food businesses. This has stopped lots of valuable food from going to waste, saved CO2 and provided a valuable source of nutrition to our partner groups. Food including meat, ready meals and yogurts has gone to community groups and charities including The Ark, our local homelessness support charity.

We've recently moved depot and installed a walk in freezer which will allow us to rescue and store more frozen food. But a pallet of frozen meals won't fit in your average car! It also needs to be temperature controlled and recorded. So we needed a chiller van. We applied and were granted a Sun 50 grant. A big thank you to all the Sun readers who donated make this possible!

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