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Coming together over food at Age UK

We support 7 Age UK Day Centres across the town with surplus food, so we went to meet Lindsey Kelley, the organiser for the Louise House Day Centre to find out more.

Age UK provide a network of Day centres across Shrewsbury, where people come together for friendship and a day out. Transport is provided so no-one misses out.

Lindsey and her volunteer team plan the activities, such as cards and games, crafts, guest speakers, gentle exercise, music or quizzes. Occasionally they plan trips or meals out too.

One member told us “I can’t get around easily on my own anymore, so I really enjoy the chance to get together at Age UK . The pastries and cakes supplied by Shrewsbury Food Hub go down very well when we’re having a cuppa and a natter – which is what we do best!”

The highlight of the day is a delicious two course, hot meal, cooked up with Food Hub rescued ingredients by the brilliantly inventive chef Misha at the A4U café.

Everyone shares the surplus bread, fruit, veg and groceries to take home. One lady said “I love the bunches of flowers, they brighten up my home for the rest of the week”.


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