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£10,000 Awards for all funding

We’re delighted to announce that Shrewsbury Food Hub has been given £10,000 by Awards for All. This grant will allow us to invest in more comprehensive training, an on-line rota system and to seek out more nutritious food for our community. Since we started three years ago, we have doubled in size every year. We now have 75 volunteer drivers and we collected 64 tonnes of food last year and we need to invest in our organisational systems.

We already train our volunteers in food safety, which is the cornerstone of what we do. This funding will allow us to provide more tailored training for everyone and will make it easier for new volunteers to get up to speed quickly. Having an on-line rota will make it easier to organise the schedules for our volunteers.

See more about the other great projects to receive Awards for all funding in this Shropshire Star article: https://www.shropshirestar.com/news/local-hubs/north-shropshire/2019/09/03/200000-to-help-25-shropshire-community-projects/

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