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Keeping the rounds manageable

Thanks to everyone for being so flexible about rounds over the summer. We've added in 3 new stores and there are 2 other stores who want to come in, but as discussed at our July volunteers meeting rounds and the co-ordinator role is taking longer.

Please tell us what you think by filling in the volunteer questionnaire here if you haven't already....but here's the plan so far...let Emma know if you can help!

1) Store pick ups. We are keeping a close eye on the time vs food added by the new stores - as every stop we add in adds the risk of being delayed, and in term time, this has a big knock on to being caught in traffic when doing deliveries. If necessary we will take stores back off the rota and try to find another solution for their surplus.

2) Extra Co-ordinator support. Especially on big food days like Monday, we need to have someone to back up the co-ordinator - help finish the sort, tidy up, check the freezer temperatures, stow food away safely. If you could help by coming in at about 8 am - 9am please let Emma know.

3) Late delivery person. We already have someone who comes in to do the late deliveries everyday except Thursday - as there are less groups on a Thursday. But we're lining up more groups for that day so bring in a late driver. NB Almost all the new groups collect their food and we are asking our groups that have deliveries to see if they can pick up.

What else would make a difference?


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