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Vicki Archer on why she volunteers for the Food Hub

Is it the glamorous hi-vis or the excitement of getting up early in the morning? For Vicky Archer of BBC Radio Shropshire who volunteers with the Food Hub, the real buzz is getting to know thr groups she delivers to. "I've got my own round", she enthuses.

At about 6.45 am she collects from 3 stores and takes it to the Food Hub depot, where it's put together with all the food from the other stores and shared between community groups like Shropshire Mind, Severn Hospice, playgroups, Age UK, Bacon Buddies and A4U. It also goes to schools for breakfast clubs and after school clubs. You can see how much good food she collected below.

Hear Vicki talking about her experience on the Eric and Clare show at 1:28:15 on BBC Radio Shropshire here.

Find out more about volunteering for the food hub here.

Ian from BBC Radio Shropshire with Vicky, Susan and Liz


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