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Tesco Phase out Best Before on Fruit and Veg

Fantastic news! Tesco are planning to phase out best before dates on 70 pre-packaged produce lines to avoid food waste.

Confusion about best before dates means that people throw away perfectly good food instead of trusting their senses. Best before dates indicate when it the quality of a food may decrease. It's still perfectly safe to eat, but may be past its peak. A use by date is a safety date and should be followed.

Tesco's move may reduce the amount of food that we get at the Hub, but we still think its a good thing as it will reduce waste in store and at home. About 30% of food is wasted. That means that 3 out of every 10 fields of produce grown are destined for the bin. Everything that can be done to reduce waste right across the food chain has got to be a good thing.

Hear Katy from teh food hub on the Jim Hawkins show at about 46 minutes in here.


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