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New Stores and Keeping the Food Flowing

We're making sure we get round all the stores to check that we're getting maximum food and that everything is working smoothly. If you have any problems at the stores let Emma know asap and she can try and resolve things. We've also got new stores coming on!

As you'll have noticed, Lidl have finally come on board. And we've just started with Co-op Bicton Heath - the first trial for Mid-Counties Co-op (thanks to Rob and Jonathon for helping this along!) - provided we can make this work well, this should open up all the Co-ops in town for us. We should also be starting with Sainsbury's Abbey Foregate soon. We're also starting to collect more chilled food - see separate update. This means that there will be more stores to collect from so please let us have your ideas on how this could best work.

We're also getting more calls from other suppliers offering us food - from pickles and bananas to granola. Later in the year we could run a campaign to get more suppliers on board - let Katy know if you'd like to get involved.


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