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Let's get more surplus food out to our communities in Shropshire!

Would you like to help get surplus food to your community in Shropshire? With just a small commitment of time you can make a huge difference for your local community groups and charities. By helping them get free surplus food from the supermarkets, you can save them budget and improve diets. Contact Katy on katy[@]cwmharry.org.uk or 07876 703583 to find out more.

There are all sorts of ways to help. Start small and see where it goes. You could volunteer to collect food for a local group once a week. You could team up with some friends and collect a few days a week.

That's how we started, but there's so much surplus food available and so much need that we find we just keep on growing. We started in April 2016, collecting food from the two Marks and Spencers stores in Shrewsbury. We sorted the food into trays at the back of the M & S depot in Meole and took it to 5 groups a few days a week.

Now we run 10 rounds a week, with 34 amazing volunteers, helping 32 community groups.

In our first year we have redistributed 14 tonnes of fruit, veg, bread and dried goods - enough for 32,000 meals. We save the Severn Hospice 30% of its food budget. We help Hope Church bring isolated and housebound people together - because we provide the cake, they can subsidise transport. We help Crossbar Foundation combat holiday hunger and spread the healthy eating message to 500 children at their holiday clubs.

It’s pretty straightforward to start a Hub, but we want to share what we’re learning so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.We are backed by FareShare, the largest charity redistributing food in the UK. We can provide training and support to people wanting to set up a hub in everything from getting agreements with the supermarkets to health and safety.

Please contact Katy on katy[@]cwmharry.org.uk or 07876 703583 to find out more.


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