Our Impact

We've stopped 110 tonnes of good food going to waste
  • Most of the food is leftover bakery, fruit, veg, and groceries

  • In 2018/9 we collected 4 tonnes of chilled food, to stringent safety standards

  • We make it easy for suppliers to donate their food, and for community groups to get the food they need

  • We have saved 314 tonnes of climate change gases, the equivalent of driving  56 times round the planet

  • This takes into account our energy use, for fuel and freezers which is less than 5% of the the carbon we save

We share rescued food with 56 community groups


  • Schools, holiday clubs and youth groups 

  • Homelessness, Food aid & refugee support

  • Severn Hospice, Carers support and A4U

  • Community events and meals which overcome social isolation 

  • Age UK day centres

Our groups use this food to feed over 2000 people every week.

Surplus food brings people together and saves budget

Groups use free food to help their community:

  • a third provide a cooked meal and 70% provide snacks

  • 80% are able to feed more people

  • 86% have been able to expand their services

  • 71% now provide cooking or healthy eating courses

On average groups save 34% of their food budget.

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