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Local plant-based restaurant Nooch is partnering the Hub to transform surplus fruit and veg into scrumptious ‘surplus specials’ on its menu.

Nooch prides itself on showcasing locally sourced seasonal produce to create flavoursome dishes that tempt even the hardiest carnivores.

Founders Alex and Luke wanted to change the world for the better when they set up Nooch in December 2022. Their ethos is for their produce to have as little environmental impact as possible, and they want the producers they work with to be as passionate and excited about the food they make as they are.

Like many foodies, they are also passionate about not letting good food go to waste. They are great supporters of what the Food Hub does to reduce food waste locally. So much so, that they are going to make use of the surplus that we find hard to share with groups to create delicious ‘specials’ for diners.

As the food is surplus, Nooch won’t know what it’ll get until the box of goodies arrives. It will be like opening a present with every delivery, and a great challenge for chef Luke to create something very, very tasty. And they will make a donation to the Hub. Win-win!

Luke said: “We are extremely excited and very humbled to now be working closely with the Food Hub. Helping to stop perfectly good food going to waste is such an important message. Not only for saving food, but also for the environmental and money saving benefits. We believe this to be a great platform for educating people to eat in a more sustainable manner, while empowering them with the tools to do so.

“We are looking forward to creating exciting dishes, sharing top tips and recipes, and most importantly, supporting the Hub in as many ways as we can. It is our hope that this is the start of a very special journey.”

If you haven’t already discovered the delights of Nooch, pop in for a bite. You will find them at Barracks Passage off Wyle Cop. More info and opening times