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We welcome the recent announcement of The King to launch a project that helps bridge the gap between food waste and food need across the UK, addressing two problems in one – helping the planet and helping people.

We have been ahead of the curve at the Hub! Since 2016, we have been rescuing and redistributing good surplus food from a growing number of suppliers to a growing number of groups in our community.

Last year our #foodheroes rescued 217 tonnes of good surplus food from 40 suppliers to support 60 community groups – enough for 518,000 meals and saving carbon equivalent to NOT driving around the world 87 times! Incredible!

Although initially working with FareShare and The Felix Project, the Coronation Food Project is planning to set up a flexible fund to support wider UK food surplus redistribution charities in the New Year. It’s objectives are:

  • Saving more surplus food
  • Supercharging food distribution networks to ensure surplus produce can reach those who need it most, through the creation of several Coronation Food Hubs
  • Delivering a flexible funding programme to support the wider sector and a consortium of pioneering food-rescue initiatives

This is fantastic news. Fingers and toes crossed that the Coronation Food Project succeeds in drawing attention to the environmental and human perspectives of tackling food waste, and supports the vital work being done by local food hubs. Here’s to 2024!

More about the Coronation Food Project here.