For food emergency support, visit Shropshire Larder

We recently received the Special Mayor’s Award in recognition for the “valuable contribution you play in supporting life in Shrewsbury”

Food Hub volunteers, Susan and Paulene were at the evening ceremony to receive the award along with one of our co-founders, Alison Thomas.

So many other organizations working in and around our community also received various awards in recognition of their contribution and between us we make a HUGE difference to many of the people who live in Shrewsbury in all sorts of ways!

As part of our daily work of saving and redistributing good surplus food to our Community Partners and local food share tables we promote #foodwastereduction in Shrewsbury. Not only does reducing your household food waste help the environment but with the cost of living crisis, it can also save you significant money on your weekly household budget.

“By cutting food waste the average UK household can save £500 each year and positively contribute to the UK’s waste reduction targets. 70% of the food that is wasted in the UK is wasted by citizens in their own homes. That’s 4.5 million tonnes of food that could have been eaten being thrown away every year.”

You can help the Food Hub with a donation of your time as a volunteer or a regular donation. Together we can continue to reduce our food waste in the Shrewsbury area and help our community and environment while we do it!