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When we talk about the climate crisis, we tend to focus on power plants, transportation and industry. Food, and wasted food, often gets overlooked but according to an assessment by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, 6.7 percent of all global greenhouse gases come from food waste.

Today, an estimated one-third of all the food produced in the world is lost or wasted. And this is a problem, not just because the food we waste takes land, water, labour and other valuable resources, but because when food goes to landfill it rots and produced methane, a greenhouse gas at least 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide. We also have to bear in mind the wasted resources involved in transporting, packaging, storing and refrigerating food that is never eaten.

A study by Project Drawdown, a coalition of experts focused on climate change solutions, ranks reducing food waste as the No. 3 action item out of 80 –with the potential of saving more than 70 gigatons of carbon reduction.

What we can do here in Shrewsbury

“Shrewsbury Food Hub empowers people to do simple, practical, hands-on things to help combat climate change. Volunteering with the Food Hub can be a real tonic against what can sometimes feel like an impossible challenge.”
Ali Thomas, Co founder

Powered by over 100 volunteers, last year we saved 173 tonnes of food and prevented more than 500 tonnes of greenhouse gases. This year we’re on track to save 150 tonnes.

If you’d like to support us or become a volunteer please get in touch!