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It’s been a busy month at the Food Hub and we’ve pulled together some of the highlights! We’re now focused on gearing up for Christmas with our wonderful team of staff and volunteers. We’ll be aiming to share monthly updates with you so you can see all the amazing things the Food Hub is able to achieve with the help of volunteers, partner stores, supporters and our local community. People powered, local action!

Total food rescued and redistributed

In the last 4 weeks we have saved a whopping 16,153 kg of food from going to waste!


Challenges and triumphs!

Supply chain issues, wild weather and the sharp rise in fuel prices have all presented challenges, but our resilient team have risen to them, and we’ve continued to rescue and redistribute lots of surplus food.

We’ve also had some brilliant achievements, saving over £1000 worth of refrigerated food in one day when Farm Food’s chillers failed and running pop-up stalls from our depot when we have too much yogurt and puddings to share via our network of community groups.

“You’re doing a cracking job – THANK YOU!”

Feedback from our pop-up yogurt stall!

Shrewsbury College group staff helping to eat yogurt mountain | Shrewsbury Food Hub


Our partner groups

Many of our partner groups had to pause when Covid hit and we’re happy to say that many of them are now back using surplus food again. We’re now supporting 45 groups from playgroups, Shrewsbury Ark to youth groups. We’ve had some lovely feedback from them this month.

“The kids absolutely love the Proper Good milk – I’ve never seen them drink so much!”

Rod from TMBSS Harlescott

“I don’t know how we did things before we started with the Food Hub – this food means we can do so much more with the kids – thank you!”

Lisa from Friends Zone Youth Club

Ruth from TMBSS having milk delivered from the Proper Good Dairy by Derek our volunteer | Shrewsbury Food Hub


New suppliers

We’ve been delighted to welcome new suppliers to our group of 28 regulars. Food businesses are increasingly reaching out, whether they’ve had a chiller failure and overstock or regular surplus. Our reputation for being Shrewsbury’s go-to food waste busters is growing! Our new suppliers include:

-The Proper Good Dairy- read all about the new zero waste milk round we are running with them here

-Greencore- who are donating their surplus sandwiches to us

And many more wonderful businesses who have dropped off donations of everything from spuds to breakfast cereal and sauerkraut!


Greencore delivering their surplus sandwiches to us | Shrewsbury Food Hub

New additions to the team

We welcomed 12 new volunteers to the team this month- we’re thrilled to have them on board and thank them for all the energy and enthusiasm they bring to the team!

Wishing you all a lovely festive period and we’ll be back with December updates in the new year!


Some of our new volunteers hard at work in the depot | Shrewsbury Food Hub