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December is always our busiest time of the year and 2021 was no different! Over the Christmas period we saved a staggering 2,000 trays of food! This was only possible because of an amazing team effort!

Our wonderful volunteers have kept the wheels of our food waste busting operation turning, they’ve put in hours and hours over the Christmas holidays, collected and sorted mountains of food and delivered it to #foodshares all over town!

All our #foodshare partners – the foodshares are run by volunteers who turn up all year round to help us get good food eaten. This Christmas they’ve run extra sessions and coped with us throwing huge volumes of food at them – they smile and crack on!

December Madness Foodshare | Shrewsbury Food Hub


All our partner stores who, even at their most hectic time of year, have made sure they’ve put the surplus to one side for us to collect to stop it going to waste!

December Madness Partner Store | Shrewsbury Food Hub

Our community that have come out to #foodshares to help us get all the food put to good use – sharing posts, sharing recipes, and sharing food with neighbours, friends and family.

December Madness Recipe | Shrewsbury Food Hub


Our supporters, whose generous donations mean we can keep running! This Christmas we were also kindly lent freezer space from the UK Foodhall and were given the use of another depot at the Shropshire Food Enterprise Centre to help us deal with the MEGA surplus overload!


December Madness Depot | Shrewsbury Food Hub

Christmas 2021- the numbers!

  • 3.2 tonnes of food saved on Christmas eve!
  • 200+ turkeys saved and shared with our community
  • Over 2000 trays of vegetables saved
  • 32 foodshares over the Christmas fortnight, including 3 new venues: Stiperstones, Miinsterly and Bomere Heath
  • 50 families on average visited each foodshare
  • 1 visit from Santa!

December Madness - Santa Visit | Shrewsbury Food Hub


It’s been an absolute whirlwind, but we are proud of everything we’ve achieved- if we do say so ourselves it’s been quite the feat of problem solving and round the clock work! We are so grateful for the wonderful network of people we have around us, without which none of this would be possible.

Now time for a cuppa and to look forward to 2022 and all the food waste fighting adventures it will bring!

December Madness | Shrewsbury Food Hub