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Make a donation now and you’ll help tackle food waste AND support 32 groups in our local community from the Ark and Hospice to our youth clubs.

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Please #FuelTheHub.  To run our operation we need fuel,  training and simple kit for our volunteers.


You can donate online via Neighbourly  or for further information on our work or how to donate please contact 


In our first 11 months of operation we redistributed 13.5 tonnes of surplus food -  that's the equivalent of 32,000 meals.  This is just the beginning,  but its already making a real difference for our groups.  


Caroline Webb,  Head Chef at The Severn Hospice says, "The Food Hub is saving us money.  We estimate that their small, regular deiveries of fruit and veg have cut our budget by 30%."


Richard Parkes, CEO of Shropshire Youth Association says "Free food not only supplements our meagre budget for youth work (Usually just the young people's subs), it also feeds hungry teenagers and more importantly introduces them to new and healthy foods, thank you!"