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We are currently working with Marks & Spencers and Sainsbury's to supply Shrewsbury Food Bank Plus, Shrewsbury Ark, Riversway Natterbox Cafe, The Severn Hospice, Grange Primary Breakfast Club, Meole Brace Primary Breakfast Club, Greenacres Primary, Harlescott Junior and Coleham Primary breakfast and after school clubs.

The Shrewsbury Food Hub is an umbrella group for charities and projects in Shrewsbury/Shropshire that feed people as part of their daily work and who can benefit from donations of surplus food from local companies. We aim to cut down Shropshire's food waste and help conserve our planet's natural resources  

W H A T   W E   D O

We recieve nightly alerts about surplus food from local retailers.  The next morning our volunteers collect the food and then sort and distribute it to organisations in the Shrewsbury area that are able to use it.

H O W  W E  D O  I T

O U R  P A R T N E R S

...and re-distribute it... local groups and charities...

...who can make good use of it.