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Getting Support in Shrewsbury

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

We expect this summer and beyond is going to be challenging for many people. The food distributed at foodshares is by nature very random, so is a good top up to make budgets stretch but isn’t a replacement for emergency food parcels and wider support.

So as part of our role in the Shropshire Food Poverty Alliance we have been working with Shrewsbury Food Bank to produce this ‘Getting Support in Shrewsbury’ signposting leaflet (below). Here are contacts for local organisations where people can access support on debt, mental health, etc. This also includes information on the Food Bank, Foodshares and the Shropshire Larder.

We encourage everyone to distribute this information widely. Please pass it on to anyone it will be of use to. We have printed copies available. We are also working on translating, so it is accessible for those whose first language is not English.

Please get in touch with pippa@shrewsburyfoodhub.org.uk if you require any more info.

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