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Shrews Biscuit Podcast ft. Shrews Food Hub

We were delighted to get the chance to share all things Food Hub with Al from The Shrewsbury Biscuit Podcast.

Take a listen here: The Shrewsbury Biscuit Podcast - The Shrewsbury Biscuit Podcast: Pippa Lobban - The Shrewsbury Food Hub

Pippa (Food Hub Co-ordinator) spoke with Al about the difference between Shrewsbury Food Hub & Shrewsbury Food Bank; Why food waste occurs in the first place and how 50% happens in our homes; and how it takes a town to eat the mountains of parsnips rescued by our #FoodHero volunteers at Christmas!

As mentioned in the podcast. If you or someone you know needs support accessing low cost or free food, local information or advice visit https://www.shropshirelarder.org.uk/

It has up to date information on where to get help.

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