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Severn Trent Community Fund Award

Updated: Apr 5

Vote to Halve Food Waste in Shrewsbury

Please vote for us to win £20k of funding to tackle food waste at home with our #TasteNotWaste campaign and halve food waste at home in Shrewsbury.

We’re delighted to announce that we have been short listed for £20k of funding from the Severn Trent Community Fund.

Did you know that a shocking one third of food is wasted in the UK? If we were to stop wasting bread at home for a year it would have the same benefit for climate change as planting 5.3 million trees.

Since we started in 2016, we’ve already stopped more than 530 tonnes of good food from businesses from going to waste - that’s enough for 1.2 million meals. But 70% of food waste happens in our homes, and this funding will allow us to develop a community campaign to halve food waste in Shrewsbury.

With your vote we can make a real difference. We will create a community campaign to reduce food waste at home in Shrewsbury, celebrating the positive impact that simply eating up our food will create for the environment and for our pockets. We will create a toolkit that we can share right across the county. The funding will be used to hire a project manager, chefs for cooking demonstrations and to create videos of school children , farmers and people in our local community who can help get the word out about how important

Please find us in the Gold Award Projects and have your Severn Trent account number handy. Voting is open from 1st April to 24th April.

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