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Plan behind the van

COVID 19 has drastically changed how we work at the Food Hub. We have had to complete redesigned how we function so we can be COVID safe and get more food for the community

We have done this in a few main ways…

1. The hub has gone mobile! We have been using vans to transport larger quantities of food to where they need to be, reducing the number of volunteers we need per trip. Volunteers sort food and share it with our partner groups on the back of the van.

2. Introduced social distancing, working closely with our food safety advisor and following government guidance we figured out the best ways to keep or volunteers safe. 2m apart, lots of antibacterial gel and keeping volunteering in the family (where we can).

3. We have built a new streamlined network of 20 partner groups as over 40 had to close due to social distancing. With fewer groups to share with, each group will receive more food. We’re supporting the Food Bank, the Ark and 9 partner schools and local community foodshare tables. Between them our partners support more than 1000 people with food.

With this in place, we’re working to double the amount of food we can get for our community partners, by getting extra surplus food from FareShare Birmingham and bringing on new suppliers. And we’re bringing together our partners, councillors and other key groups to understand how we can best make sure that everyone can get enough to eat during the pandemic and the coming recession.

We’ve had a lot of help along the way and cannot thank our suppliers, donors, van drivers and volunteers enough. We now have had the funding to buy our own van and keep our mobile food hub going indefinitely. Watch this space to see our very own new van!

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