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Knowing your dates to keep food safe

Have you got a stash of storecupboard food leftover from the lockdown that is coming up to its best before date (BBD)? Are you tempted to throw it away or do you know how long food can be eaten after its BBD?

Here at the food hub we're all about stopping food waste but our top priority is that the food we distribute is safe to eat. Here is a low down on how we make sure we're reducing waste as much as possible, whilst sticking to the safety guidelines*.

Rule #1 Never eat food after its use-by date. This is a safety date, so food is unsafe after its use-by date. These are foods that are usually kept in the fridge like milk or prepared salad.

The Wrap Guidelines have loads of up to date info on how long after the BBD we can consume certain store cupboard foods. The key is that you do a visual check to make sure any packaging hasn't been compromised. Here's a few examples:

  • Packet of Crisps: upto 1 month past BBD

  • Biscuits/ cereals: upto 6 months past BBD

  • Canned Foods: upto 3 years past BBD (Important: Do not eat food from dented tins)

  • Dried pasta/pulses: upto 3 years past BBD

So go give your cupboards a check, and see what you need to eat for your dinner tonight, to stop it going to waste. Check it's safe to eat by following the link below!


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