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Food Hub is not a Food Bank

People often get the Food Hub mixed up with the Food Bank, so here’s the low down.

Shrewsbury Food Bank is based at Barnabas Church, Coleham & Hope Church, Harlescott. They support people in financial crisis with food and household goods. For example, if you are signing up to Universal Credit, they can provide parcels for 5 weeks so that you don’t have to take out a loan. They also provide confidential support on debt advice and getting back to work and health. Contact them on 01743 343336 and 07421745857.

Website: https://www.barnabascommunityprojects.org/shrewsburyfoodbank

Shrewsbury Food Hub was set up to stop good food going to waste. We started 4 years ago collecting from just one supermarket. We couldn’t believe how much leftover food there was so we got organised to collect from as many suppliers as we could. Last year we collected more than 80 tonnes of food - that’s enough for 190,000 meals that would otherwise have ended up in the bin. We support our partner groups with this food to save them money and to reduce the environmental impact of food waste. Especially during the holidays, food is shared with everyone in the community through foodshares. For more info on foodshares click here.

So, if you're require urgent food support contact Shrewsbury Food Bank.

If you want to help us stop good food from going to waste and stretch your budget a bit further please come along to one of the Shrewsbury Food Hub foodshares.

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