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What to do on the days we have too much food!

Some days we have 14 trays of food, others we have 92. And you could put money on us having lots of bread. This can make working out how to get the food out a bit of a challenge.

We're getting more regular groups on board but we're also trying to set up more flexible ways to get food out into use through donation tables. We now have tables at Riversway Tuesday to Thursday and The Base at Crowmoor Baptist Church on a Friday and these will continue on into term time. If you know of any other non-profit groups who could use food, please ask them to get in touch with Emma (email/contact through the website is best).

The rule of thumb is to allocate food for our groups first and then think about where else the remainder can go - but more detail here:

- in the holidays, give some priority to getting food to Riversway and The Base, as families are hard hit by not getting free school meals and can pick up food there

- allocate extra food for our groups - see this guide to what groups can use and what food can go where DON'T SEND IT OUT TO GROUPS THAT CAN'T USE IT - IT'LL END UP AS WASTE AND ANNOY THEM - check with the person on call

- ask the person on call if other groups can do a donation table. There are organisations in town which will run a donation table for us, such as WSP, The Wildlife Trust and Katy and Daff's choirs. Additional suggestions welcomed!

- save the food if there is food which can go in the freezer or will keep for another day, like potatoes or veg put some aside.

- if all else fails send it for animal feed.


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