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Help Us Reduce Food Waste

Shrewsbury Food Hub’s vision is a community where food is valued and not wasted.  We redistribute surplus food and promote food waste reduction for environmental and social good.


During 2021 our 123 volunteers stopped 172 tonnes of food from going to waste, mitigating more than 500 tonnes of greenhouse gases. We redistributed bread, produce, dairy, meat and ready meals through our community group partners and food shares and in all, our food reached 3,000 people a week in Shrewsbury. 

Food Hub Friends Lets Us Work Together

Food Hub Friends is a programme which allows local businesses and organisations to make a commitment to reducing food waste and to support the local community. We believe that the vital role that businesses play in our local economy is also important for supporting the environment. The programme offers different levels and options to suit your business needs plus hands on volunteer opportunities, a rewarding way to get involved and understand our approach to addressing food waste.


Choose Your Support Level

Food Hub Friends Programme offers you different levels of support to suit you and your business.


Add Volunteer Time

Why not offer some volunteer time, your business will get to know how we put your financial support to good use and you also help us spread the word about how Food Waste affects us all.


Community & Environment

Becoming a Food Hub Friend is a win:win. Together we support the environment and help ensure that good food is put to good use. #BelliesNotBins


Find Out More

If you are interested in joining our Food Hub Friends programme, please email

If you are interested in getting involved in other ways through volunteering, you can find all you need HERE