Join our Hub Builders 200 Club to get more food for our community 

Child enjoying surplus fruit
Surplus bread. Stop food waste.
Surplus vegetables. Help reduce food poverty.
Communty group receiving surplus rice
Please be one of our 200 founding supporters, and donate £5 a month to build the Hub for the future.  The Hub is a resource for the community of Shrewsbury, reducing food waste and tackling food poverty in our town.   
 Your regular donation will allow us to collect 140 meals worth of food.  Building strong foundations for the Food Hub to support our entire community.

Could your business donate surplus food?

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The Shrewsbury Food Hub will help your business to redistribute your unsold food, to those that can make use of it in the local community.
Help us to cut down on Shropshire's food waste and conserve our planet's natural resources, by feeding bellies not bins!
We are currently working with 8 retail outlets in Shrewsbury, but as the Shrewsbury Food Hub grows we will be looking for more retailers, caterers, restaurants and events to jump on board and help us fill bellies not bins!