Give Shrewsbury children a good start to the day.  £10 supplies food for 70 healthy breakfasts.  Your donation will be doubled before 10th December.

This Christmas help every child in Shrewsbury get a great start to the school day.  Your donation will provide nutritious breakfasts for school children through our ‘Big Breakfast School Shrewsbury Campaign.  Just £10 will provide food for 70 breakfasts.


We already support 10 schools in Shrewsbury with deliveries of surplus food, meaning they can give kids free toast and a healthy snack.  However, some schools are reporting that children are coming to school without having had a healthy breakfast, leaving them hungry and unable to learn.

Help us get more surplus food to support our schools, as there is no funding for school breakfast clubs in Shrewsbury.


This project will get enough surplus bread, cereals and yogurt for 30,000 breakfasts to Shrewsbury schools throughout 2020 to make sure children are getting the best start.

To make this happen we need to raise £4,000 on-line on the Big Give website between 3rd and 10th December.   Your donation will be doubled by pledges from local companies and The Reed Foundation.

Please donate here