Important Food Hub Allergens Info

Specific Risks for Food Hub Food

Please follow these 4 steps to make sure you understand and manage the risks

Please ask us if you're not sure about anything!

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Four steps to allergen safety
1. Take the FSA training

The Food Standards Agency have on-line training on allergens, here


Please take this if you haven't already.

3. Unlabelled items may contain allergens

Food without labels may contain allergens such as nuts, seeds, soya, and eggs.  

People with allergies need to avoid this food.

2. High Risk of Cross Contamination

Bread and pastries often arrive in mixed bags which we have to sort into small bags.  Nuts and seeds may contact any food which has not been delivered in sealed packs, including fruit and veg.

4. Inform your users and confirm to us


Please make sure you take this into account in your own risk assessment and inform your users. 


Please use our poster here.

Please confirm here that you've understood this.


Please ask us if you're not sure about anything!